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Heal your inner child webinar 

Free Live Webinar with Wynsome Mclean

Learn how to Identify and Overcome the impact of past adverse experiences. 

As you build a Purpose Filled Business



In This 60-Minute Workshop, You'll Uncover...



How adverse experiences are standing in the way of creating the life that you DREAM about.


The basic tools you need to develop self compassion, cultivate a positive self image and define your worth… 

Wynsome Mclean is a Business and Trauma Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

She is on a mission to assist coaches, consultants, and business owners in scaling their businesses and becoming successful soul-healthy entrepreneurs by learning to overcome fear, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and the scarcity mindset connected to past traumatic experiences. 


The UNFILTERED truth about how you can establish business goals that align with your personal values and priorities


How to develop the confidence to show up and fulfill your income goals...


Keys to healing from and Living above past traumatic experiences.


Learn How You Can Finally acknowledge patterns that stem from past wounds....

...constantly seeking other people's approval 

...constantly questioning your abilities 

...inability to delegate or fully trust someone else

...taking criticism personally instead of professionally

...avoiding responsibilities or making important decisions due to underlying anxiety or fear

This TRANSFORMATIVE Webinar Is For You If:

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You are an entrepreneur seeking personal growth and self-improvement to overcome obstacles hindering your success.

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You have noticed patterns of self-sabotage and want to understand and heal the underlying emotional wounds holding you back.

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You struggle with feelings of unworthiness or imposter syndrome and want to develop a healthier self-image and boost your confidence.

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You have a fear of failure or fear of success that prevents you from taking necessary risks in your entrepreneurial journey, and you want to address and overcome these fears.

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You experienced childhood trauma or difficult upbringing that still impacts your mindset and behavior as an entrepreneur, and you want to create a healing path forward.

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 You want to cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness and learn how to listen to and honor your intuition in decision-making processes.

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You find it challenging to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in your personal and professional relationships, and you want to learn how to set boundaries that support your well-being.

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