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New Flowers

Discover your true life purpose, learn how to overcome, fear, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs as well as the impact past trauma is having on your ability to fully believe in your potential.  

So that you can create the Life of Your

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Embark on a 60 day transformational journey

 This journal is designed to assist us in uncovering how we see ourselves, how we treat ourselves, and how we engage others. The journal will help you to face to face with self in an attempt to challenge merely existing in the daily mundaneness of life, but living a life that is full and purposeful.

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Uncover your true purpose

This e-book will give you a greater understanding of  the benefits that come when you put your skill sets together. It will push you to organize your areas of expertise in order to create a business that you can feel proud of, a business that can pay you, even when this economy is going ballistic.

Turn your passion into profit


Get to know Wynsome

Monetize your skills. Thrive within your sphere of influence.

With over 10 years of experience as a Mental Health Practitioner( Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) and owner of Soul Care Institute LLC. Wynsome has partnered with hundreds of clients to work through and overcome traumatic experiences, and self-sabotaging behavioral patterns, to find joy and hope in the next chapter in their lives.

Wynsome officially stepped into the coaching space as a visionary strategist and has supported clients with incorporating their businesses, creating their own signature programs, publishing their books, and most importantly uncovering their unique expression and leveraging that to scale their business.

Over the years, Wynsome has helped entrepreneurs to tap into their inner greatness as they learn and fine tune their life purpose.

Books On Shelf

Take a sneak peak into the newly released collection

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Negative thought patterns that impact one's mindset


Prayers for the Boss Babes

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Mindset and money

Ready to grow, scale and transform your business? 

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Achieve set goals

Get an action plan to eliminate obstacles, set clear goals and thrive to reach your set goals.



Overcome self sabotage

Discover the impact of self limiting beliefs along with connecting past trauma to the psychological cost of entrepreneurship. 

Monetize your skills

Turn your passion into a money-making business while thriving within your sphere of influence.


The Soul Care for Entrepreneurs Networking Facebook Group

As an entrepreneur you pursue what you're most passionate about and strive to make the world a better place, but the extra stress and demands become a threat to your relationships, your health, and your soul.

How then do you live the life of an entrepreneur in a healthy way?

While our culture celebrates entrepreneurs as catalysts of progress and good in the world, on the inside it can feel like a storm of doubt and chaos.

Entrepreneurship exposes human limitations, and the question is: how can you respond in a way that is healthy for your business, your relationships, and your physical and spiritual health?

This space is for  entrepreneurs to address important topics related to identity, values, and caring for the soul among the immense pressures that entrepreneurship places on our lives. 

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