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Building Soul Healthy Entrepreneurs

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I am Wynsome Simantha Mclean

I officially stepped into the coaching space as a visionary strategist and have supported my clients with incorporating their businesses, create their own signature programs, publish their books, and most importantly uncover their unique expression and leveraging that to scale their business.


With over 10 years of experience as a Mental Health Practitioner( Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) and owner of Soul Care Institute LLC, I have partnered with 100's of clients to work through and overcome traumatic experiences, self-sabotaging behavioral patterns, finding joy and hope in the next chapter in their lives.

The soulology experience will lead fierce visionaries like you into unapologetic and conscious wealth, inner healing and global impact.........


Learn a bit more

Wynsome works with passionate individuals who are ready to live the abundant and purpose-driven lifestyle they have always dreamed of. She gives her clients the confidence to power past the impossibilities and to turn fear into fuel. 

Wynsome's clients work with her because of her drive and passion for success.  Her energy and coaching style is magnetic and she is committed and devoted to helping people achieve success and BIG mind-blowing results!

Wynsome's unique soulology coaching approach will guide your business to blossom into a lucrative empire as you master advanced mindset strategy and soul alignment principles. It will help you to leverage your past experiences, your expertise, and your excellence, into creating a purposeful existence.

With a therapeutic understanding of the psychological cost of entrepreneurship, Wynsome helps clients to address and overcome imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, and negative self-talk which hinders the sustainability of their mission and vision.


The ultimate goal is for clients to overcome the mental blocks that prevent them from starting or scaling their business. 


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Wynsome McLean is a 5 time published author and a 2 time Amazon bestseller author.


Wynsome was named South Florida Most Influential and Prominent Black Women in Business and Industry in 2020 for her work as Lead Therapist and CEO of Soul Care Institute LLC, which is a therapeutic counseling center that offers mental health services to individuals, couples, and families. . 


Wynsome has traveled across the country to teach at conferences and seminars, providing strategies, that promotes self awareness, personal growth, and authentic living. 

Ready to grow, scale and transform your business? 

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Achieve set goals

Get an action plan to eliminate obstacles, set clear goals and thrive to reach your set goals.

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Overcome self sabotage

Discover the impact of self limiting beliefs along with connecting past trauma to the psychological cost of entrepreneurship. 

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Monetize your skills

Turn your passion into a money-making business and thrive within your sphere of influence.


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