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30 Day Reflection Journal For Ministers

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Unresolved trauma can affect one's testimony as a follower of Christ. It can inadvertently hurt people due to being unaware of the impact the unhealed wounds have on an individual.


This journal was created to help leaders in the Lord's church to take their mental health seriously, both corporately and individually. It's filled with journal prompts that will assist to shed light into the condition of leaders mental health as they engage in one of the most fulfilling assignments known to man.


 I believe that all pastors, no matter the size of their congregation, should have access to mental health services. Ministry teams should have a basic understanding of recognizing mental health concerns in their leaders and their congregants that require professional therapeutic interventions.

Engage these questions from a place of honesty, we do ourselves and the people we're called to minister to a grave disservice when we neglect to pay attention to our mental health.

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