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Build Trauma Informed Leaders

six weeks virtual course

Recognize the prevalence of personal trauma in the histories and lives of the people you serve. 



In This Six - Week Virtual Course, You'll Uncover...


How adverse Childhood Experiences can significantly influence a person's responses, coping mechanisms, and interpersonal relationships.


 The impact of Trauma on the Brain and the Nervous System


How to release Trauma from the Body

Wynsome Mclean is a Business and Trauma Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

She is on a mission to assist coaches, consultants, ministers and business owners in scaling their businesses and becoming successful soul-healthy entrepreneurs by learning to overcome fear, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and the scarcity mindset connected to past traumatic experiences. 


The six Principles of Trauma-Informed Care


Post traumatic Growth Principles


Learn How You Can Help your clients to....

...Better understand themselves and why they experience certain blocks themselves, navigate fears and challenges in their business,

...Experience an increased sense of self-trust in their business,

...Cultivate tools and practices to help ensure they tend to the most important asset in their business: themselves.

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Wynsome McLean is nothing short of AMAZING!! A purpose pusher indeed!!! She is a strategist to help you get to the next level in life, business and spiritually. Wynsome is patient, purpose driven, passionate, and extremely knowledgeable with respect to trauma and its impact. She has helped me develop and expand my coaching capacity beyond measure. Now I am equipped with invaluable insights, tools and techniques to better assist clients as they navigate through a transformative process, liberating them from their past trauma; empowering them to not only survive, but thrive in life.

Eboni Blount

This TRANSFORMATIVE Course Is For You If:

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You want to create a safe coaching environment and business practices for everyone, including those who have experienced trauma

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You have noticed patterns of self-sabotage in your clients and want to understand and help them  heal the underlying emotional wounds holding them back.

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You seek to avoid traumatizing your coaching clients, as coaching can go deep into the psyche and have lasting effects

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You seek to understand your clients at the individual level, and all of their past experiences, including trauma, that make up the whole of who they are

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You experienced childhood trauma or difficult upbringing that still impacts your mindset and behavior as an entrepreneur, and you want to create a healing path forward.

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 You want to learn how to cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness in your clients so that they are able to listen to and honor their intuition in decision-making processes.

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You want to understand how past trauma can show up in current situations for clients, how you can you can lead your clients into a psychologically safe space, where they won’t be further traumatized.

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