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Awaken your true calling, pursue what sets their soul on fire and turn your passion into profit.

This resource will provide you with strategies for working through some of the struggles that have been pervasive in your life.

Reflect on how your personal experiences, beliefs, and goals shaped your feelings and actions regarding money.

The Soul Care for Entrepreneurs Networking
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As an entrepreneur you pursue what you're most passionate about and strive to make the world a better place, but the extra stress and demands become a threat to your relationships, your health, and your soul.

How then do you live the life of an entrepreneur in a healthy way?

While our culture celebrates entrepreneurs as catalysts of progress and good in the world, on the inside it can feel like a storm of doubt and chaos.

Entrepreneurship exposes human limitations, and the question is: how can you respond in a way that is healthy for your business, your relationships, and your physical and spiritual health?

This space is for  entrepreneurs to address important topics related to identity, values, and caring for the soul among the immense pressures that entrepreneurship places on our lives. 

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